Here at Gray Publishing Services we realize how overwhelming the prospect of self-publishing can be. There is so much to do and often times a lot is overlooked because you are unaware of how much goes into the process. We strive to help make this process a bit less overwhelming and a bit more understandable for every author we work with, whether a seasoned veteran or a newbie. We offer quick turnaround time and complete communication every step of the way. This ensures us that you are informed about your book throughout the entire process. Have questions? Just ask us. We would be glad to answer any questions you may have to the best of our ability. 

Gray Publishing Services offers a wide range of affordable services, whether it be simple formatting or something as fun and creative as book covers or business cards. Need something you don't see? Just ask us. We may be able to do it for you, or find someone that can. Contact us today to find out what Gray Publishing Services can do for you!

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Our services include:



Why self publish?
Until self-publishing came along, there was only the option of going with the traditional publisher. While only a handful of authors were ever signed to them, authors collected little royalties, signed bad deals, and were at the mercy of that publishers slow timeline and editorial demands. With the dawning of self-publishing came freedom. Not only could the author publish their work directly to the reader, they could also maintain control of the royalties and creative decisions.
We created Gray Publishing Services to help you bring those decisions to life. Owned and operated by an author, the businesses mission has always been to deliver a great product for a fair price. 

Editing & Proofreading Services

As an author, the look of your book on the outside and the inside are of the utmost importance. When a reader purchases a book that is full of grammatical and punctuation errors, it can ruin the story for them. Often times, they either won't finish the book, or they will shy away from any further books that you write. That makes editing just as important to your book as the cover itself. Gray Publishing Services understands that.


Our editing is done in two parts. First, we go through a 'listen through'. In this first round of editing we physically listen to your book and edit things we find along the way. When we do our listen through we are only listening to approximately 1-2 paragraphs at a time. This allows us to fully concentrate on the content and words so that we can correct any grammatical errors. Next, we go through a complete line edit of the book. This allows our eyes to also see any grammatical errors that might have been missed as well as correcting any punctuation errors that might be in the book. This allows us a multi-layer edit in hopes of catching as many of the errors as possible. 

While we are going through the editing process we may find storyline issues. Should we find any of these types of errors or any suggestions, which would require any major re-writing, it will be highlighted with any suggestions we may have. One of the areas we pride ourselves on is that we try to keep the author in complete control of their book, that means we never re-write anything, we simply bring the issue to light, and allow the author to correct the error and any other errors, before reading through their corrections. 

Our proofreading services are less intensive in the things we search for. As such, we just do a basic scan through of your content for quick grammatical and punctuation errors. 


Even the best editing companies with 100s of editors will not catch all errors, so please keep that in mind when you have your book edited. However, we strive to catch as many of them as possible.