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Gray Publishing Services is proud to announce we now offer Author Signing Banners!

Welcome to Gray Publishing Services

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Gray Publishing serves authors across the globe, offering quality-publishing services for affordable prices. 


Whether you're a best-selling novelist or budding beginner, we provide good customer service, keeping in touch throughout the process. We work with the client to provide the best possible results.

Our services include:

Teresa Crumpton

"I've been working with Gray Publishing Services for seven and a half months now. When I was in a pinch for RT (Romance Times) Conference last April, I called up Gray's and asked how quickly I could get business cards created. Within an hour I had an idea, and three days later my cards arrived. Mind you, I was traveling at the time and Gray's had my cards delivered to my next destination. Since then, I've asked for bookmarks, banners, logos, business cards for the blog I run, and a few other things. I always go to Gray Publishing Services before I check any place else, as I know the quality is always going to be amazing, and between me and my marketing manager we can be hard to please."

Author Testimony

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